Circle City Prep is a brand new public charter school in Indianapolis, IN. We opened in August 2017 with our founding Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms and will grow by one grade level each year until we are a Kindergarten through 8th grade building in 2024.

We are deeply committed to supporting all our students to live up to their power and potential through a rigorous and joyful college prep education.

The Circle City Prep model takes the best practices of high-performing charter schools from across the country and layers a focus on student voice and empowerment to build our future leaders. We are uniquely focused on educating students on the Far Eastside and prioritize building partnerships with the community to build the school our children deserve. Circle City Prep is a tuition-free school that also provides fee assistance for low income students.

At the center of Circle City Prep's vision is our development of K-8 students who excel in three core areas:

  1. Rigorous K-8 academics that underpin high school and college success;

  2. Critical and analytical thinking required by Indiana Academic and Common Core Standards; and

  3. Character skills that build resilience, optimism, and a work ethic necessary for school and life success.

To develop future college graduates and responsible leaders to be Driven, Resourceful, Operating with Integrity, Leveraging their Voice, and Enthusiastic, our culture is rooted in the following: high expectations, college ethos, community building, and student leadership.