2019-2020 Uniform Information

Our uniform policy is designed to minimize distractions and to stay consistent.  Violations impact not just your child but other children.  If you have any concerns, we will do our best to work with you. Students are expected to wear their complete school uniforms to school every day, including field trips and Field days. Students are expected to wear the following:

Shirts Grey (K-2 Grade) or Red (3rd Grade) polo shirt with school logo with short or long sleeves.
Plain white, gray or black undershirts are allowed.

*No patterned or brightly colored shirts under uniforms.
Sweaters or Sweatshirts Black school logo sweaters and school logo fleeces and sweatshirts are allowed. The school polo shirt must be seen when a sweater or sweatshirt is worn.
Non-logo’d sweaters and fleeces are not allowed.
Pants and Shorts Khaki pants
Khaki shorts, no cargo pants

Khaki skirts, skorts or jumpers below the knee.

*All pants must button or snap closed. Pants without proper closure are not allowed.
Shoes Closed toed, flat, rubber-soled shoes.
Sneakers are required as students have Physical Education and recess daily.

Snow or Rain boots can be worn to and from school, with a change of shoes brought in a backpack.

Flashing shoes, shoes with heels, or otherwise distracting shoes are not allowed.
Socks Solid and plain grey, white or black socks are required.
Grey, white or black tights or leggings are allowed.
Belts Belts must be plain black or brown.
Belts are not encouraged unless a student can independently unbuckle and re-buckle.
Jewelry Students are not allowed to wear disruptive jewelry. (e.g. jewelry that distracts from learning)
Earrings must be dime sized or smaller.

Only hidden necklaces are allowed (tucked into shirt).

Students may not wear bracelets, rings or fake nails, as they prevent children from learning to write properly.

Talking or beeping watches are disruptive and are not allowed.
Headwear Students are not allowed to wear hats.

You can use the guide below to help you as you consider uniform options for the 2017-2018 school year at Circle City Prep. Please feel free to reach out to us at (317) 721-8515 if you have any questions.